1. Select Your Pouch

Choose from 12 stand-up and 8 lay-flat pouch sizes, 3 film materials (clear, white, or metallized), and 2 surface finishes (gloss or matte). Standard pouches include tear notches, with optional resealable zippers and hang holes. Production can be expedited, and there's no minimum order quantity.

2. Create or Purchase a Design

Utilize our free Illustrator templates for guidance on file setup, features, options, and manufacturing tolerances. Set your design up for materials and other options according to the template to ensure bags are to your liking.

Don't have a design or not the artsy type? No sweat! Hire one of our design expert gurus to help bring your design ideas to life and make your packaging pop!

3. Book a Call

Purchase a design? book a call to start bringing your ideas to life. Work 1 on 1 with a design guru to comb over every detail needed to bring your packaging to life. From colors, logos, nutritional facts, and more, this is your chance to make sure every detail is covered when it comes to bringing your pouch to life. You and the designer will team up to knock your pouch design out of the park, bringing your product to market in style.

Book a Call

4. Upload & Order

Upload the print-ready PDF file and get ready to make magic. Combine multiple print designs (SKUs) with identical specs to save on costs. Different sizes or specifications must be ordered separately.

Review your cart, input your billing and shipping details, and choose your shipping method. We offer free FedEx Ground shipping and expedited options. Complete payment using various payment methods, including major credit cards, E-check, or ACH payments.

Our team of print Guru's will review your files and ensure everything is up to snuff with our print procedures. If a problem arises, a guru will reach out to work with you to solve any issue to ensure the files are setup correctly.

5. Enjoy The Feedback!

That's it! You just ordered your first batch of pouches with the Gurus. Give it a couple days and you'll receive your one of a kind pouches ready to wow your customers. Enjoy seeing the returns increase as you introduce this new packaging experience to your consumers. Now that your selling product faster, always remember the Guru that helped get you there!

Have any questions? Feel free to check out our FAQs or reach out to us directly at Info@pouchgurus.com. A Guru will contact you within 24 hours to help get you situated.